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Room Full Of Hidden Safes

You’re always on the lookout for the smartest ways to keep your valuables safe, and diversion safes are your best bet. Consider the Safety Tech Hidden Outlet Safe for just $13.99, cleverly disguised as an ordinary outlet. For a sneakier option, the AJAX Cleanser Can Safe at $20.99 blends perfectly with your household cleaning supplies. Prefer something in the bathroom? The Barbasol Shaving Cream Safe hides your treasures in plain sight for $31.99. These innovative solutions offer discreet protection that thwarts thieves effortlessly. Curious about more unique hiding spots? There’s plenty more where these came from.

Key Takeaways

  • Diversion safes like the Safety Tech Hidden Outlet Safe offer discreet security by resembling everyday items.
  • AJAX Cleanser and Barbasol Shaving Cream safes blend into home environments, making them nearly undetectable to thieves.
  • Outdoor Key Hider Rock and Thermometer Key Safe provide clever solutions for hiding keys outside while maintaining easy access.
  • These safes are not only innovative and affordable but also come in a variety of designs like soda cans, hairbrushes, and books.
  • The growing trend towards diversion safes enhances home security by deterring theft and providing peace of mind.

Safety Tech Hidden Outlet Safe

The Safety Tech Hidden Outlet Safe offers a clever way to keep your small valuables secure and out of sight. This unique piece takes the form of an ordinary electrical outlet, blending seamlessly into your home environment. It’s not just another outlet; it’s a hidden diversion where you can store anything from jewelry to spare cash.

At just $13.99, this Secret Storage Stash Safe is an affordable choice for safeguarding your small treasures. Although it’s currently sold out, its popularity underscores its effectiveness as a perfect solution for discreet security. You’d want to keep an eye out for restocks, as this is a must-have for anyone looking for a smart way to hide their valuables.

Imagine the peace of mind you’d have, knowing your special items are hidden right in plain sight, disguised as part of your everyday living space. This diversion safe is essential for maintaining privacy and security without disrupting the aesthetic of your room. It’s a brilliant example of how everyday objects can be transformed into secret stash spots, ensuring that your valuables remain both unseen and accessible only to you.

AJAX Cleanser Can Safe

While the Safety Tech Hidden Outlet Safe blends into your home’s electrical setup, consider the AJAX Cleanser Can Safe for an even more inconspicuous option. Designed to mimic an ordinary can of AJAX powder cleanser, this diversion safe offers a clever way to keep your small valuables secretly stashed away. It’s an affordable choice for effective, hidden storage that doesn’t draw attention.

The AJAX Cleanser Can Safe is particularly useful because it blends seamlessly into any cleaning supply area or under the sink, making it the last place a thief would think to look. It’s the quintessence of the saying, ‘hide something in plain sight.’ Whether you’re looking to safeguard jewelry, cash, or important keys, this can safe provides a secure space that’s readily accessible to you, yet nearly invisible to others.

Barbasol Shaving Cream Safe

If you’re seeking another stealthy storage option, consider the Barbasol Shaving Cream Safe, designed to mimic an actual can of Barbasol. Priced at $31.99, though currently sold out due to popular demand, this ingenious device offers a perfect solution for Home Security without the usual bulkiness of traditional safes. It’s ideal for keeping small valuables hidden right under the nose of potential thieves.

The Barbasol Shaving Cream Safe features a Secret Compartment where the large capacity meets practical needs. You can discreetly stash cash, jewelry, or even recreational drugs (where legal), ensuring they remain safe from prying eyes. Its design is so authentic that no one would think twice about its true purpose when glanced upon in your bathroom or travel bag.

This Stash Safe not only hides cash but also serves as a clever and inconspicuous way to safeguard your possessions. Whether you’re worried about break-ins or just prefer to keep certain items confidential, this diversion safe is a reliable choice. It provides peace of mind, blending seamlessly into your everyday environment while keeping your most important small items securely tucked away.

Outdoor Key Hider Rock

Shifting focus to outdoor security, consider the Outdoor Key Hider Rock, an innovative solution priced at just $10.95. This clever device blends seamlessly into any garden or yard, making it the perfect secret stash for your spare keys. You won’t have to worry about being locked out again. Designed to look like any ordinary rock, it harbors a hidden compartment that safely stores your keys.

The Outdoor Key Hider Rock has gained popularity as a discreet and practical storage stash for home security. It’s not just about hiding your keys; it’s about ensuring you have access when you need it most without compromising the aesthetic of your outdoor space. The safe stash inside is crafted to protect your keys from the elements, all while remaining virtually undetectable to anyone who doesn’t know it’s there.

Unfortunately, its effectiveness and affordability at $10.95 have led to it being sold out. This high demand underscores its value as a reliable security accessory. Keep an eye out for restocks so you can secure your own hidden gem and never find yourself stuck outside your home again.

Thermometer Key Safe

Offering more than just temperature readings, the Thermometer Key Safe cleverly conceals a compartment for your spare keys, ensuring they’re both accessible and hidden. Similar to how a water bottle might disguise valuables, this safe ingeniously uses a common household item to secure your essentials. Priced at just $10.99, it’s not only affordable but also highly effective in blending seamlessly into any outdoor or indoor setting. You wouldn’t glance twice at it, mistaking it for anything other than a functional thermometer.

This practical diversion safe highlights how everyday objects can become the perfect hiding spots. Unlike more obvious storage stash safe hides, the Thermometer Key Safe doesn’t draw attention. It’s currently sold out, which speaks volumes about its popularity and effectiveness in keeping spare keys safe. You’ll appreciate how this tool adds an extra layer of security to your home management. It’s a smart choice if you’re looking for a way to keep a backup key handy without resorting to more predictable and vulnerable locations.

Invest in the Thermometer Key Safe for a blend of convenience, affordability, and stealth. It’s a small investment that safeguards your peace of mind, cleverly hidden right in plain sight.

Coca-Cola Can Safe

Imagine stashing your valuables inside a Coca-Cola can that no one would think to examine. This isn’t your everyday soda can. It’s a Coca-Cola can safe, a masterful piece of security that keeps your valuables in plain sight yet completely hidden. This can blends perfectly with other items in your fridge or pantry, providing an added layer of security without drawing any attention.

The Coca-Cola can safe is crafted from an actual soda can, maintaining its authentic weight and feel. This Secret Hidden Stash Can stores not just a few, but over 100 sheets of $100 bills, or your precious jewelry, with ease. It’s the perfect alternative to a typical safe, especially if you’re looking for a non-conventional method to secure your items. Just twist the bottom to open and securely store your goods.

See more product details in the table below:

MaterialReal Coca-Cola can
CapacityLarge enough for 100 sheets of $100 bills
Access MethodEasy-to-open twistable bottom

Choose this Coca-Cola can safe for a stealthy yet effective way to protect your assets.

Axe Spray Can Safe

While the Coca-Cola can safe offers a classic disguise, the Axe Spray Can Safe provides a modern twist for concealing your valuables. Designed to look just like your typical Axe body spray, this safe blends in seamlessly with your home environment, particularly among other personal care items. It’s the perfect choice if you’re aiming for a storage solution that’s not just effective, but also incredibly discreet.

The Axe Spray Can Safe is crafted from the same material as real Axe cans, giving it a weight and feel that’ll fool even the most observant individual. It’s easy to open, yet secure enough to store your precious items like cash, jewelry, or essential documents. You’ll find it’s friendly to grandma too—simple enough for anyone to use without a hassle.

This diversion safe stands out as a creative way to protect your belongings. Its realistic appearance and user-friendly design make it perfect for usage anywhere from your bathroom cabinet to a bedroom shelf. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your valuables or just need a clever place to hide them, the Axe Spray Can Safe is your go-to choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make a Diversion Can?

To make a diversion can, choose a can with a removable bottom. Clean it, create a false bottom, secure it, place your items inside, and reseal the bottom to keep your stash hidden.

Where to Keep Safe at Home?

You should keep your safe in a discreet, unexpected location where it blends into the surroundings, like inside a diversion safe designed as a common household item to deter potential thieves.


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