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Spike Pink Stun Gun

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Additional information

Introducing the Spike Pink Stun Gun, your reliable companion for personal safety and protection. This sleek and powerful stun gun is designed to provide you with peace of mind in any situation. With a discreet and compact design, it can easily fit in your pocket or purse, ready to be used whenever needed.

Equipped with a high voltage shock and a loud crackling sound, the Spike Pink Stun Gun is a formidable deterrent against potential threats. The easy-to-use activation button ensures quick and efficient operation, giving you the confidence to defend yourself in times of danger.

Crafted with a durable and pink-colored exterior, this stun gun not only offers practical protection but also adds a touch of style to your personal safety arsenal. Stay prepared and stay safe with the Spike Pink Stun Gun – your trusted companion for a secure and empowered lifestyle.

Spike stun gun has two sharp spikes.  It was designed this way so it could double as a striking self defense tool.  You would aim for the eyes or throat. The SPIKE stun gun comes with a rubberized coating, providing a comfortable non-slip grip. Resting discreetly in your hand, the triggering button activated by your palm. The Spike discharges loudly, easily able to dissuade a confrontation before it starts.

You insert your trigger finger in the hole and activate with the palm of your hand.


  • 4.7 milliamps
  • 4 1/4″ long x 1 5/8″ wide x 1″ wide
  • 65,000,000 volts
  • Rechargeable with USB
  • Safety Switch and Light


  • Nylon Belt Holster
  • Rubberized Coating
  • Dimensions: 3.5″ x 3 x 1