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Pink Mace® Pepper Spray Jogger

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Stay safe and confident while on your daily jog with the Pink Mace® Pepper Spray Jogger. This compact and easy-to-carry pepper spray is designed specifically for active individuals who want to protect themselves while exercising outdoors. The bright pink color adds a stylish touch while also ensuring quick and easy access in case of emergency.

Featuring a powerful pepper spray formula, this jogger’s companion can deter potential threats and provide you with peace of mind during your workout. The secure hand strap ensures that the pepper spray stays in place while you run, allowing for quick deployment if needed.

Don’t let safety concerns hold you back from enjoying your outdoor activities. Stay prepared and protected with the Pink Mace® Pepper Spray Jogger by your side.

You can carry it on your key-chain, fasten it in the hand with the Velcro-like strap. Mace® Pepper Spray Jogger is ideal for sports and outdoor activities such as running or hiking.