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FANG Pink Stun Gun

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Additional information

Introducing the FANG Pink Stun Gun – a stylish and effective self-defense tool designed with your safety in mind. This compact and powerful stun gun features a sleek pink design, making it both fashionable and functional. With a high voltage shock, the FANG Pink Stun Gun is capable of immobilizing an attacker, giving you valuable time to escape and seek help in a dangerous situation. Its compact size allows for easy storage in a purse or pocket, ensuring that you can have peace of mind wherever you go. Stay safe and stylish with the FANG Pink Stun Gun – your trusted companion for personal protection.

The Fang has a very bright 100-Lumen Flashlight that you could use to temporarily blind an attacker or use the flashlight as you would any other flashlight.

Rechargeable: Stay aware of Fang’s battery life with the convenient LED indicator. The Fang is rechargeable. Just plug in the micro-USB charging cable and connect it to any power source.

60,000,000 Volts
100 Lumen Flashlight
4.8 Milliamps
Lifetime Warranty
LED Battery Indicator
Dimensions: 2 7/8” x 1 ½” x ½”
Weight: 2oz
Safety ON/OFF Switch – LED light to indicate activation