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From Woof to Whimper: How Pepper Spray Can Save You From a Dog Attack

Woman Using Pepper Spray To Stop a Dog Attack

Facing an aggressive dog can be terrifying, but pepper spray might just be your lifesaver. Imagine a big, snarling dog lunging—panic sets in. With a quick spray, that pup will retreat fast, its eyes and nose burning like crazy. The University of Utah found these sprays ace at stopping dog attacks. Don’t get fooled by […]

From Bears to Humans: What Really Happens When Bear Spray Is Used on a Person

Man In The Woods Holding His Face After Being Sprayed With Bear Spray

When you use bear spray on a person, you’re basically blasting them with a whopping 3 million Scoville heat units, which is no joke! This fiery burst causes severe pain, temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, and a burning sensation that’s second to none. Imagine your face on fire and your lungs feeling the same—yikes! Long-term, it […]